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Larry Pretlow II

Proven Community Leader

I am an HCPSS parent, son of an educator, community advocate, and three-term Oakland Mills Village Board member. My skills in budgeting, procurement, and engaging the community on the Village Board qualifies me to represent District 2 on the Board of Education.

I am the CHANGE candidate in a change election. ​As a three-term Oakland Mills Village Board member, I have the experience necessary for serving Howard County, such as listening to resident input, collecting relevant data, and working collaboratively with others for the greater benefit of the community. 

With ten years of management experience working in both the Retail and Security industries, I have been responsible for employee management, operating budget, sales execution, and delivering on the guarantee of excellence in customer service.

Before my career employment with the United States Postal Service, I earned some college education in Information Systems from Strayer University.  As a family man, I prioritized working to provide for my new family.

In 2019, I returned to college for a two-year degree in Business Administration at Strayer University and completed some of my coursework at UMGC in Legal Studies. I spend my time as a full-time student, serving my community, and being active throughout the county in support of all children. 


As a recently divorced single father, I understand the struggles and challenges facing many families in District 2. While I also know the self-sacrifices of what it takes to make difficult decisions in serving others, I also know how to fight for the best positive outcomes for all stakeholders. 

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