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Make Our Funds Achieve More!

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Make Our Funds

Achieve More!

Larry for D2

Make Our Funds Achieve More!

I am currently serving my third term on the Oakland Mills Village Board. I have a proven record as a community advocate working to engage the residents of Howard County for their support for progress in District 2. I have earned votes on both sides of the aisle. Having advanced through a challenging primary, this demonstrates that District 2 trusts my leadership skills. 


District 2 has long been counted out and misrepresented by our elected officials. We are often not provided our rightful opportunities to express our views and impact the decision-making for our communities. 

Let's look towards 2022 with a vision that will propel District 2 forward. Let's also work to make our taxpayer dollars achieve more for our communities. 

*Our site content officially changed on June 3, 2020,*


Larry Pretlow II is an HCPSS parent, son of an educator, community advocate and three-term Oakland Mills Village Board member running for Board of Education in District 2 to bring his skills of budgeting, procurement and engaging the community on the Village Board to the Board of Education where it is sorely needed.


Larry will bring transparency to the school system by asking the hard questions to make our funds achieve more, and working to engage the community including our most vulnerable communities rather than just the most affluent ones on topics such as closing the achievement gap, revitalizing our schools and minimizing redistricting.


Larry will ensure the community is aware of how money is being spent which they currently are not which is why pet projects like a courthouse and cultural center are proceeding even in a pandemic while our classroom is being neglected and amplify their voice on these matters. This will increase achievement for the students who are currently left behind with money finally going into the classroom rather than squandered to the bureaucracy.

Statement on the murder of George Floyd

As a black American, I stand proudly with the efforts across this nation to effect change in our country, so that people of color are safe, protected, recognized and treated equally with dignity, and the opportunities afforded to our white counterparts. 


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